Welcome to RUF at Winthrop!

RUF at Winthrop University WELCOMES YOU!...Regardless of your beliefs or doubts, RUF is a safe place for you to explore Christianity and grow in your understanding of who Jesus is and what it means to follow him in community with others at Winthrop University. We are here for the "convinced" and the "unconvinced," the lost, the found, the burned, the bored, and the cynical. We invite you no matter where you are in the process to join us at RUF. 


The longest book in the New Testament begins with an introduction to the recipient Theophilus, "that you may have certainty concerning the things you have been taught."  Whether you're a Christian or not, you've probably doubted what you believe at some point.  A pastor in New York City said, "a faith without some doubts is like a human body without any antibodies in it.  People who blithely go through life too busy or too indifferent to ask hard questions about why they believe as they do will find themselves defenseless against either the experience of tragedy or the probing questions of a smart skeptic.  A person’s faith can collapse almost overnight if she has failed over the years to listen patiently to her own doubts, which should only be discarded after long reflection.”

Luke was written so that one can be certain of what they believe.  Come join us on Wednesday nights as we seek what it means to be certain of your faith from the gospel of Luke.  You're welcome regardless of where you are on the spectrum of doubt.  


RUF meets on Wednesday nights in Kinard Auditorium at 8:30 pm.

Summer Conference 2015